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Regular readers will know that we don’t often recommend other companies.

However, with Peninsula, its different.

We have admired the company for a long time, and have only heard good things about them.

Why we love them

Here are some of the reason we love them:

  • Full Compliance: Handbooks, contracts, Lone/Mobile Worker protection & ‘done-for-you’ policies on Disability/Race/Religion/Gender discrimination, and bullying
  • Managing Performance: Clear frameworks and on-hand advice on managing absenteeism, lateness, sickness/SSP & under-performing staff
  • Dismissal & Disciplinary: Cast-iron procedures to handle redundancy, retirement, tribunals & termination
  • Remote Working: Fully up-to-date (as of 6th April 2014) guides on flexible/remote working, zero hours contracts/temps and working from home
  • Getting Great Staff: Tried-and-tested suite of processes on advertising, recruitment, interviewing and new staff orientation/performance
  • Social Media & BYOD: Fully comprehensive policies on handling staff mobile devices/laptops in the work place, as well as policies to handle bad-mouthing by staff on social media
  • Social Media, Mobiles and Social events: Sensible, yet safe policies on Social Media, Mobile use and handling social events
  • Holidays, Leave & Statutory Absence: The best advice on regulations surrounding maternity, paternity, holidays and annual leave

Get in touch

Our contact at Peninsula is Steve Oakes – feel free to call him directly on 07814 585089.

PS: Peninsula has traditionally always paid referrers 5% of the new business. I am not doing this for the commission, so I asked for the 5% to passed on to any new client, as a discount, instead.

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