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Putting the creative back into your creative agency

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Running a creative agency is a wild, fun, white-water-raft kind of ride.

Putting the creative back into your creative agency from My Accountancy Place on Vimeo.

You started it up because you love to think differently.  Career wildly around corners.  Have fun, even! And it is really fun, at first.

You run your own business, you zoom in and out of corners, you sign up new customers.  It’s all super exciting.

Until it gets a bit wearing.

  • New customers want quotes…
  • existing customers want edits and changes…
  • invoices need to be created….
  • debts need to be chased….
  • expenses must be paid….
  • Above all the taxman must be appeased….

And suddenly the ride isn’t so fun anymore.

But not to fear!

(cue superhero music)

Get ready to get back into your (virtual) boat and go for a ride, because all this stuff that takes you away from the fun part of a creative agency can be totally automated as part of your accounts.

That’s right – you didn’t know that Paul, your friendly accountant, is actually a modern day Clark-Kent-for-Creative-Agencies.  But when Paul helps you set up and use Xero for your creative agency, all of these things that have been wearing you down are done in seconds.

Things you can automate using Xero

This includes things like:

  • Quote templates created, edited, and emailed in seconds
  • Project management for existing customers, all online and linked to your accounts and invoicing
  • Task management so you know how long things are actually taking you
  • Instant debt chasing (while you are working on other things)
  • Payments made on auto schedule
  • Bank reconciliation done on the go
  • …and lots of other cool stuff.  (Read our Xero API blog post for more fun stuff)

And when all this is done, you’re back to enjoying the creative part of your creative agency.

Putting the creative back into your creative agency from My Accountancy Place on Vimeo.

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