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The Way You Feel About Digital Is the Way We Feel About Accounting Systems

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We get the geek thing. We really do.

Geek from the 1970s

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You see, most of our clients are in the Digital or Creative sector, and we totally understand  getting excited over the newest web apps, or whiling away hours tinkering with the latest API.

We love time-saving stuff.

In fact, we are just as passionate as you – except we love turning boring, everyday tasks like book-keeping or invoice management into fully-automated, processes that are done at the touch-of-a-button (after all, who wants to spend Friday nights inputting expenses…)

This is what we class as cool in the accountancy world – OK, so doing your VAT return is never going to be ‘cool’, but let us have our fun.

This is why we are having a torrid affair with Xero…

Regular readers will know that we don’t sit on the fence with our opinions. We love Xero with a passion only accountants can muster (Xero is an all-in-one Invoice/Expense/Payroll/Accounts manager), but the truth is, the entire range of ‘new-breed’ Cloud Accounting Software provide loads of great ways to save you time.

For example:

  • Sort out your VAT at the touch of a button. (Literally. One button.)
  • Auto reconcile your bank statements (no more manual entry!)
  • Snap photos of your receipts on your phone, so there are no little bits of paper floating about
  • Do all your invoicing…from your phone. (How impressed would your new client be if they got their quote minutes after you’d left the meeting?)

The following is from the Xero website – in fact, we often play the case study on the Agency Crush & Lovely to prospective clients thinking of making the switch to Cloud Accounting.


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 7.56.59 AM

Why do we keep going on about Xero?

Well, we’ve tried all the online accounting systems out there and we favour Xero.

And when it comes to creatives, that’s great news, because Xero’s API is well established, meaning it’s likely to fit in nicely with all kinds of other software services.

(There’s even a Xero Developer Center for those who develop Xero add-ons, and a specialised Twitter feed for those who talk the language. You might not need this, but it could be fun to browse.)

We’ve got a whole separate blog post on Xero API Integrations, but for now if you’d like to save time and hassle (and get back to that beautiful new iMac), drop us a line to arrange an informal chat about how we could take away the hassle from your working life.

Get your life back!

So, while you’re out there designing websites and cracking HTML code and drooling over the newest and biggest iMac, we’re in here generating helpful reports and useful dashboards and always making sure you’re on the right side of the Revenue.

Oh, and if you fancy creating a new Xero integration, let us know and we can put you in touch with the right people.

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