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Working with MAP: How easy is it to switch to MAP?

By September 27th, 2020 No Comments

We consistently see the same situations when agencies are thinking about working with MAP.

I know you may have been thinking about moving accountants for some time. Your current accountant could be doing enough to keep you compliant, you trust them. They’re telling you the numbers are looking good, so is there actually any real need to move?

It is no great revelation that business owners like yourself have plenty on your plate. 

You have staff, clients, prospects, suppliers & partners all fighting for your answers to their questions. 

This inevitably leads to a process of prioritisation. You may be thinking of moving accountants. Yet the thought of the admin, conversations, new systems and processes make it feel daunting. “I’ll do it next quarter”, “Is it that important?”, “I could do without the hassle.”

We recognise this at MAP. So we’ve created a seamless onboarding programme to make the move as easy for you as possible. In this blog I am going to show the steps that make switching to MAP as simple, efficient and effective as possible.

The Agency Activation Program 

This is a program we have created to guide you through to the point of implementing your new finance systems with 100% clarity and focus. As well as excitement about what we will achieve together for that beautiful agency of yours. 

This has been proven in many agencies just like yours, who had no better circumstances or resources available to them. What they all had in common is that they capitalised on the program laid out for them and had the discipline to stick to the agreed plan that followed. 

You’re not here to follow other people’s agendas. You are an entrepreneur and you get to set the rules of your own game. 

Following the MAP Agency Activation Program will enable you to simplify your business. To activate the full potential within it and create a game that you can win. 

The systems that you will have in place at the end of this 90 day program will enable you to cut free from all distractions. As well as any limiting self beliefs, to focus on the journey that is right for you. 

Working with MAP is not just about changing your accountants

This move is about taking a big leap towards achieving what it is you want from your business. Your vision, strategy and goals for the business are about to get a whole lot clearer. So you can get everything you want from your agency right now. 

Let’s say you have now made the decision to move to MAP, what next? What are your next steps in making sure this process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible?

3 things to kickstart your success as soon as you move to MAP

Taking the following 3 steps will enable us to get off on the strongest possible footing, paving the way for everything else that is to come. 

  1. Complete your fact find & your direct debit mandate
  2. Inform your previous accountant
  3. Join the MAP Agency Community

So, if you’re ready to take that big leap in achieving what it is you want for that business of yours, book in a call today.