Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are our frequently asked questions gathered in one place.

I'm constantly getting letters from Companies House and HMRC that I'm having to chase my accountant about. How will you ensure I'm not doing the same thing?

All of your company deadlines go into our operating system, meaning that we’ll be contacting you BEFORE things fall due and you receive letters!

We want to get a proper forecast in place. When will we be able to do this?

Our first job with any new client is to ‘clean up’ existing data. This may involve migrating data onto Xero from the current system, or tidying up data already in Xero. This usually takes between 1-2 months. Once we are confident in the accuracy of current data we’ll then begin to look at putting forecasts in place.

We need to review our legal contracts, terms and conditions and insurance provisions. Is this something that you can help with?

We have a couple of recommended legal partners that can support your current and ongoing requirements. We’re always happy to make introductions!

How does your pricing work?

We’re a founding member of GoProposal, committed to delivering clear and transparent pricing at all times.

I'm considering moving to MAP. How does the sign up process work?

We only work with digital creative agencies, providing that’s you, the first step is to arrange a Discovery Call for us to learn a little bit more about each other and book a meeting to review your current finance function and discuss what working together would look like.

If you work with lots of other digital creative agencies how do I know that my data will be confidential?

All of the financial data that we hold on our clients is strictly confidential. Whilst we will help you to learn from best practise within agencies and benchmark you against our client base, we will never share confidential information on individual clients. We are also strictly bound by ACCA’s confidentiality clauses.

I feel like I've outgrown my current accountant and I need a more mature finance function. How can I make that work?

In the early days, you make do with an accountancy firm who file the required returns, whilst someone else keeps the day to day books as best as they can before the accountant swoops in and tidies things up at year-end. As your business scales, the finance function requirements become more complex and the risk of getting it wrong increases. MAP was formed to help established businesses to have access to a mature finance function without the headaches of building and managing it in-house.