Why MAP?

Dedicated professionals providing a full and systemised finance function to digital creative agencies.

Why was MAP born?

As an Agency develops into an established and mature business, it has more complex requirements for its finance function.

At a functional level, it has to collect significant cash in from its clients, pay suppliers on time, and make payroll.

At a strategic level, it needs to have a clear financial roadmap, detailed budgeting and reliable and insightful reporting.

MAP was born to provide Agencies with a full finance function, with industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the latest financial technology and processes to bring financial rigour to agencies across the UK.

Powerful Systems, Dedicated People

We have robust systems which power MAP, which is driven by our dedicated team.

All of the systems at MAP have been carefully crafted to ensure that our workflow runs as efficiently as possible and the exchange of information between us internally and our clients is seamless.

Therefore our team is elevated to provide the creativity and expertise that systems can’t deliver, to ultimately help you to build a more profitable agency with more predictable financial performance.

The great news for you is that our team is now your team.

Structured Agency Activation Program

We have a proven method for helping you, your team and your agency to get up to full speed with your new Agency Finance Systemwe call it our Agency Activation Program™ and it’s where we work with you to get your new finance systems agreed and implemented

The values that we live and breathe at MAP

Demonstrate that you care

Help our client’s businesses & their lives to be better

Strengthen our team by sharing knowledge 

Listen to understand. Communicate to connect

Always do what you say you’re going to do

Be accountable & accept responsibility

Avoid drama and focus on facts

Deliver more than expected

Positively contribute to the family spirit

Work hard & stay humble

Meet Your Finance Team

Driven by our core values, the MAP team is our greatest asset who are committed to providing the most value and demonstrating the highest levels of care for our clients.

Paul Barnes

Managing Director

Paul is the founder and Managing Director of MAP and is an entrepreneur first, accountant second. Married to Penny with sons Benjamin and Harry. United Fan. Snooker shark with a high break of 84.

James Ashford


Transforming the way that accountants do business. Founder of GoProposal. Author of “Selling to Serve”. Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Black Belt holder. Married with 3 children.

Amanda Wilcox

Operations Manager

Engaged to Chris, Step mum to Joe and mum to Hattie. Amanda aka ‘Swim Mum’ spends much of her spare time volunteering at her local swimming club thanks to Joe’s budding swimming career. She’s an accidental bowling expert, an avid prosecco fan and a huge cat fan owning 4 of the furry critters.

Penny Barnes

Business Support Manager

Married to Paul, with 2 beautiful boys. Penny has a tenacious attitude and is known as the MAP fitbit warrior. Can regularly seen performing on karaoke as a wannabe Adele!

Will Jarvis

Data Collections Manager

Forever Manchester ambassador, devoted husband, and father of 2. Warringtonian and Everton fanatic. Works hard, studies hard. Partial to a Bombay Badboy pot noodle.

Stuart Brown

Non-Executive Director

As Non Exec Chair, Stuart leads the MAP board in Strategy, Execution and Governance. If he isn’t running a MAP board meeting, you can find Stuart in the boardroom of magnetic North or Dootrix.

At the weekend you are more likely to find him in his beloved kitchen cooking, enjoying a glass of wine and singing along to Elaine Page.

Glenny Pilli

Finance Assistant

A fantastically hard-working member of the team who’s always eager to both learn new things and provide feedback to fellow Mappers. Loves eating food but not really a fan of cooking it! A coffee enthusiast who was previously into binging on films but is now found doing a crossword instead as her daughter has taken over the rights to the TV!

Amy Jones

Client Co-Ordinator

Happily married to Chris and Mummy to her two little boys, Amy is the HMRC Queen and is very persistent when it comes to helping our Clients. Kind, caring and a great support to everyone in the MAP office. Has no time for hobbies as she is continually tidying up after the three males she shares her home with and scoffing chocolate bars behind their back!

Fredie Mortejo

Finance Assistant

Dreamed to be a doctor and fell in love with accounting. Fredie used to play basketball a lot but due to spraining his ankle more than once... he's reverted to playing chess. And in fact, teaching people how to play it!

David Arden

Client Finance Director

There’s always a new hobby David’s enjoying in his spare time; Cycling, Motorbikes, Cars, CrossFit, Climbing Mountains and more recently Triathlons. Forever claiming he is ‘Bulking’ to fuel his new hobby, but we all know its an excuse to eat all of the food, especially his favourite Pizza! When he’s not busy sharing his wealth of knowledge with his clients, or diving into his latest hobby, he enjoys a bit of lad time watching the football with a Pizza, Beer and his furry best friend Roscoe.

Abusina Qureshi

Client Finance Director

An avid Manchester United fan. Abusina is a straight-talking tax enthusiast who is never afraid to tell his client what they need to know in order to improve their business. Abusina is also always up for a challenge, his most recent challenge being cycling London to Paris for charity!

Finlay Keigher

Accounting Technician

A born and bred Manchester United Fan. Finlay can be seen on a daily basis eating chicken and rice for his lunch while browsing the internet in search for his next pair of collectible trainers. He’s always eager to get stuck into any big task and passionate to pass his exams with flying colours.

Sam Jedrzejewski

Accounting Technician

A long standing member of the team, Sam has deep expertise in managing financial information in Xero. Most of his spare time is spent playing football, both on the pitch and on the PS4. Huge Game of Thrones nerd. Like huge! Owns a border terrier pooch called Archie. Has unfortunately not yet discovered his amazing ‘party trick’ that is sure to change his life forever…

Kate Watson

Accounting Technician

Kate is an identical twin and is often mistaken for her sister. She loves a night in with a Rom-Com and Chinese. Kate used to work for Elite Models and was jetted off around Europe with them whilst being papped. Kate is currently studying AAT and is known for her creative approach to her work.

Victoria Evans

Finance Business Partner

Victoria loves travelling and good food & wine. When she gets windows of opportunity she still likes to ``tread the boards`` performing in plays/musicals at local theatres, a passion that she had from a tender age and one that she once considered professionally.

Tara Bobmanuel

Payroll Manager

A natural social butterfly and Mummy to her beautiful daughter Zenaiya, Tara is a lover of red wine with chocolate and could demolish a bucket of peanut M&Ms for breakfast! Tara has worked within payroll for nearly 20 years and is qualified with a CIPP foundation in payroll management degree.

Rachel Armstrong

Client Financial Controller

Rachel is a farmer's daughter from Cumbria and was drawn to Manchester for the music scene. She can often be found at rock and indie gigs around the city. Rachel also has a passion for carnival music and has played in samba bands in carnivals like Manchester Day Parade, Notting Hill, and as far afield as The Gambia, She is also a Non-Executive Director for a carnival arts organisation. Rachel loves to travel, especially to visit her family in Australia.

Danial Gough

Accounting Technician

Danial is an avid Manchester United supporter and a proud season ticket holder for 10 years. Though that didn't stop him from travelling the world at the age of 18. If you're trying to find Danial on the weekend, he'll most likely be in his local pub.

Sara Glaister

Client Finance Controller

Breaking the mould of a stereotypical accountant, Sara is a super competitive, giraffe obsessed, self-confessed accounting geek with a passion for netball and quality time with her family. At weekends you’ll find Sara conquering mountains in the Lake District and being busy in the kitchen… sipping a glass of wine whilst watching her partner Matthew cook!

Chris Shafto

Client Financial Controller

Chris is a born and bred Mancunian and lover of all things Manchester, especially the music. He's a keen runner, working towards completing his first marathon. Chris's outdoors activities don't end there, he's gearing up to complete walks at Ben Nevis and the Yorkshire three peaks after finishing recently finishing Snowdon.

Daisy Dabu

Finance Assistant

When Daisy was young, she enjoyed a lot of time playing on a farm and even dreamed of becoming an Agriculturist. Daisy also likes to travel locally and try different food cuisines in the Philippines. If she's not working or travelling, you can find Daisy in her house binge-watching movies or reading books.

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