Why MAP?

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Why was MAP Born?

As an Agency develops into an established and mature business, it has more complex requirements for its finance function.

At a functional level, it has to collect significant cash in from its clients, pay suppliers on time, and make payroll.

At a strategic level, it needs to have a clear financial roadmap, detailed budgeting and reliable and insightful reporting.

MAP was born to provide Agencies with a full finance function, with industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the latest financial technology and processes to bring financial rigour to agencies across the UK.

Powerful Systems, Dedicated People

We have robust systems which power MAP, which is driven by our dedicated team.

All of the systems at MAP have been carefully crafted to ensure that our workflow runs as efficiently as possible and the exchange of information between us internally and our clients is seamless.

Therefore our team is elevated to provide the creativity and expertise that systems can’t deliver, to ultimately help you to build a more profitable agency with more predictable financial performance.

The great news for you is that our team is now your team. 


Structured Agency Activation Program

We have a proven method for helping you, your team and your agency to get up to full speed with your new Agency Finance Systemwe call it our Agency Activation Program™ and it’s where we work with you to get your new finance systems agreed and implemented

The Agency Finance System™ that MAP has put in place for us gives us everything we need, at the right time, to make the best decisions for our agency.

Jon WoodallFounder of Space48

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