MAP Methodology

We break the finance function up into Mapping, Foundations Building, Reporting and Co-Driving. We call this the MAP Methodology and it's only available for Digital Creative Agencies.

MAP Methodology

#1 Mapping

Before you can take a single step towards achieving your business goals, you need to know exactly where you are in your business right now, everything that is contributing to your current location and the required actions that are going to move you closer towards those goals.

It’s amazing how simply understanding exactly where you are can help you to get you to where you want to be.

MAP Methodology

#2 Foundations

The foundations of your finance function is a blend of process, technology and finance professionals. This is expertly designed to gather data, make sense of it and build the platform from which to make the decisions that improve and grow the business.

Built correctly, it ensures that all the financial data flowing through your agency is collated with the most efficient processes that have the least drain on your time – all centred around your Xero accounting package.

MAP Methodology

#3 Reporting & Forecasting

Our Reporting & Forecasting will help you to achieve clarity and predictability about your future financial results and see what needs to happen to achieve them.

For this, we focus on Financial Modelling which includes Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow, compared to budget and most importantly, holding you and your team accountable for actions agreed to increase revenue, efficiency or control costs and keep everything on track with your budget.

MAP Methodology

#4 Co-Driving

Driving your agency towards your financial goals is tough and lonely. This is where our Co-Driving function gives you the support and guidance to help you navigate around your challenges and towards your goals.

Our Co-Drivers are experienced finance professionals advising the board on the financial opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead.

We will help you to continually optimise your agency’s operational systems which impact your finances through our Operational Finance Function.


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The Mapping session was exactly what we needed. It provided some immediate and unexpected insight and has started to shape the road ahead for our business.

Kim WaldronManaging Director of SkyParlour

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