MAP Methodology

The following components make up what we call the MAP Methodology™. This is the bedrock of what we install into agencies, which is delivered by our finance team. The size and ambition of your agency will determine the components and the team that you’ll need to achieve your goals.


#1 Essentials

Before you can take a single step towards achieving your business goals, you need to know exactly where you are in your business right now. The purpose of Essentials is to understand to what extent finance is “telling” you what is happening within your agency. This includes robust processes as automated and real time as possible, with reporting insights delivered quickly after each month end.

  • Appropriate and effective data
  • Compliance
  • Management Accounts – Essentials
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#2 Enhanced

A focus on the Enhanced aspects of your finance function allows you to align your business much closer to your overall objectives, and to create a powerful narrative around progress. Having this sense of being able to understand what is happening now, and what might happen in the future is an important signal to financial maturity. As is welcoming in the voice of an independent finance partner.

  •  Budget
  •  Management Accounts – Advanced
  •  Projections 
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#3 Extended

Finance is an essential function of any business, but it can also complete the leadership picture and enable the development of an increasingly sophisticated agency. Extended offers an independent and practical voice to challenge, uncover and deliver experience and expertise in order to maintain sustainable growth.

  • Financial Leadership
  • Mapping the Strategy
  • Specialist Services
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#4 Co-Driver

Driving your agency towards your financial goals is tough and lonely. This is where our Co-Driving function gives you the support and guidance to help you navigate around your challenges and towards your goals. Our Co-Drivers are experienced finance professionals advising the board on the financial opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead. We will help you to continually optimise your agency’s operational systems which impact your finances through our Operational Finance Function. Our Board Exec service gives you access our small group of recommended and proven mentors and Non-Exec’s to chair board meetings, mentor and coach you and the executive team.

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