Client Stories

We partner with you as your outsourced finance function to help you to have the greatest impact you can on your agency and it's all about results... like these.

Jamie Gee

Managing Director | JAM

If Carlsberg did accountancy, it’d be MAP. MAP has revolutionised our finances, streamlining our systems, helping us forecast effectively and given us the confidence to take Jam to the next level. Martyn and Rachael speak in layman’s terms, making everything crystal clear and it’s obvious that they have our best interests at heart. MAP specialising in the creative and digital sector is a huge bonus, as they offer industry insight and often introduce us to key contacts that can further support our business. If you’re not yet working with MAP, what on earth are you waiting for?!

Stuart Brown

Director | Magnetic North

We use MAP as the outsourced finance function for Magnetic North. In addition to our standard accountancy services, we get a narrative which allows us to understand those numbers and helps point us in the direction of what we’re able to do better. That has had a significant impact on the overall performance of this business because it’s meant that the time it takes to get the clarity of detail financially, needed to make a decision has absolutely truncated, which means that it’s not the distraction it once was.

Mark Hope

Digital Director | Access

Working with MAP has had a big impact on our financial operations. Our systems and data are now more tightly integrated, meaning we have faster access to accurate information and a clearer picture of our financial position. Combining this with MAP’s collaborative working approach and experience in our industry sector means we now have a predictable blueprint to work to and the confidence to make the best decisions for our business.

Max Clark

Managing Director | UPP B2B

We chose to work with MAP as they demonstrated a deep understanding of the agency sector and our challenges from the off. Their focus on driving growth also fitted with our own strategy and ambitions. The experience has been great since day one – from onboarding to Board meeting analysis, and day-to-day interactions with the whole team. Abusina, our nominated FD is pure gold – he pushes us when we need it, but is always available to offer expert guidance and practical advice – we’ve quickly built up a good level of trust and so I feel we couldn’t be in better financial hands. We are now in a place of complete financial control and visibility across our business thanks to MAP, which gives us the confidence to make better investment decisions quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MAP to any agency owner not getting much from their current accountant – it will transform your business and you won’t look back. It’s the best decision we made!

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