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Become a Knight of The Digital Roundtable

Are you a creative thinker? Do you work for an agency? Do you love beards and savoury snacks? Then we have excellent news for you!

We’re running another of our infamous Digital Roundtable events on 16 June!. And even if you can’t come along this time, you may just get a snifter of what went on via our new blog follow-ups.


Digital Roundtable Event

A chance for a creative chinwag

These small, informal get-togethers are an excuse to bring the crème de la crème of the North West’s creative talent together for a chinwag. And, believe it or not, it’s not all about accountancy and finance – the agenda is firmly on the big issues coming up in the creative sector, and the opportunities they offer.

Every two months we’ll get people together to see what’s hip and happening in the industry.

The table itself may be oblong (not round), but the thinking is very much outside the box. And the biscuits and nibbles selections are the talk of Manchester, as you’d expect from My Accountancy Place.

The topics we mull over will change each time, but to give you a taster we’ll generally kick off with:

  • What’s going on in the digital creative industry at the moment.
  • The big opportunities for digital creative businesses right now.
  • Opportunities for the ‘Knights of The Digital Roundtable’ to collaborate on creative projects.
  • Where we see the big threats or issues coming up for digital creative businesses.

Sharing those big ideas

We love the vibe at these Digital Roundtable events. It’s resolutely a ‘no selling’ environment (no pitching, no hard sell!), so everyone’s there to share their ideas and generally help out the creative community in and around Manchester.

And, in between beers, we do come up with some really great plans for making the most of any new creative opportunities. Recently, we’ve been thinking it would be brilliant to start sharing some of these insights – keeping all these truth nuggets to ourselves just isn’t cricket, really.

So, the names will definitely be changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent in some cases), but we’d like to start feeding back on the big ideas that come out of the Digital Roundtable.

And, fingers and little pinkies crossed, they’ll provide some inspiration for all you other creatives too.

Keep your peepers peeled for a blog post to follow up our next roundtable event in June.

It’ll be just like you’re there… almost. We’re still working on a way to digitise Mini Cheddars, so you’ll just have to imagine those for now.

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