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Why setting clear financial goals and milestones is key for your business

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My Accountancy Place was built on the awareness that businesses need help setting clear financial milestones that will drive them forward. Whilst most accountants go for a hands-off approach, what businesses really need is to be constantly informed of how they are performing relative to their budget and industry. Here’s why a developing that clear set of goals is so important:

They motivate you

Setting goals that will get your business ahead is a real motivator. Once you’ve celebrated hitting your first target, you feel all the more fired up to reach the second. Through the provision of up-to-date financial reports and a little guidance, your business can develop clear goals that you know you can, and should, meet. Communicating these to staff and offering incentives for hitting targets will help to keep your company all the more focused on achieving tangible results.

They make you accountable

Once you have set goals that you know are achievable, it forces you to address problems if they fail. Accountability helps to keep you on track and find better and more efficient ways of doing things in the future. Having someone to keep a razor sharp eye on your finances and offer solutions when you go off track can be extremely valuable to a busy business.

They make things more manageable

Having a huge dream for your company is great, but unless you set clear goals and time frames along the way, things can become overwhelming. Your dream is all the more achievable when broken down into simple steps and given a time-frame. Things may not go to plan every time, but having clear milestones in place lets you know when you need to step it up or raise the bar even higher.


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