Now that another Self Assessment season is over, we like to help our clients plan ahead for the next year and beyond.


In order for decision-making to become much easier for you, we believe strongly in being crystal clear on your goals and the financial model of your business.

Being clear on your goals is part of financial maturity because when you are clear on a specific outcome, you can tie every decision and action back to what you are trying to achieve, and know for sure it’s the right thing to do so you can execute with commitment.

This is why we have created the MAP goal-setting tool, designed especially for owner managed businesses. We passionately want MAP’s clients to achieve clarity in their planning and we are therefore encouraging all our clients to go through it and to take the stress out of decision-making.

We have built a simple tool to support you with that goal planning. As usual, this is a Google Sheet in read only format so please make a copy for your own use.

Access the Goal Setting tool here

We have recorded a short video here to guide you through the tool. Your usual contact at MAP work through this with you. It is difficult to explain all of the logic in a spreadsheet and working together on this can help bring the goals to life and make this process more valuable.