I’ve always felt I had a sense of purpose. A driving force inside me that goes way back to my teens.

At school and through my professional training I was never the smartest but I was determined not to live with regret. I think this comes from watching my Dad hate his job. It’s why I am determined MAP will help my clients, employees, and myself live a life we love.

I believe a business can give you the life of your dreams. I’ve seen it first hand. Anyone in business has the potential to be wealthy; financially and emotionally by leveraging their business. 

As a business owner and shareholder, you can generate more income and capital growth than any other investment. You can even create time by building a business that doesn’t depend on you.

With this background, I didn’t think twice about being a founding member of Life Centred Accountants.

Our Commitments

Here are a few points MAP are committed to:

  • We believe the highest level of service we can provide is to help you live the life you want
  • Your bookkeeping, annual accounts, and tax returns may be a commodity but your life isn’t; this is why we take time to understand you and your money before we offer any advice 
  • The best advice may not always be the right advice – what is right for you depends on what life you want
  • We will work to understand you and want you want from your life by helping you work out your number; the money you need to live the life you want without fear of running out of cash

By doing the above will can see what type of support you need from MAP. If you are on track you could choose services that protect and de-risk your position. If you have a large surplus you may want to consider downsizing your business, selling or creating expenditure and/or gifting plans, and if there is a shortfall you’ll know how much so you create a plan to address the gap.

The main focus of our service has and always will be you, not your accounts, tax, or even the assets you have. 

If you want to create a better life for you and your family, then a Life Centred Accountant can help you achieve that and MAP is proud to be a founding member of this movement.