Productise Your Way To Profit

By March 19, 2019 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

There seems to be a perception from speaking to business owners that to productise means to remove the innovation and value that you deliver to your clients and you suddenly become a factory, churning out uninspiring work. But it’s a big mistake to think about productising in this way and it’s important to see it for what it really is.

You like to promote your agency as a high end, full service, strategic agency because that’s what makes you feel most proud and where you attract the best brands.

But being inspired and working with great brand soon begins to wane if you are making little profit to show for all the hard work.

You start to wonder what it must be like to have a SAAS business where you build a nice repeating revenue model and every client gets the same thing, without the stress of winning, planning and delivering complex projects that you never seem to be able to deliver on time and on budget.

But a SAAS business is very different from an agency and that might not be where your expertise lends itself.

What the most successful agencies are often able to do is to productise something that they have found success in with their clients. They’ve bottled their very best work and crafted a proposition that enables them to deliver a great result time and time again for tonnes of clients in a consistent, repeatable and profitable way.

They then are able to charge a premium and yet gain form delivering the output more and more efficiently as they get better at it.

The client wins. The agency wins.

So what have you been able to productise in your agency that shows that it is possible and it has created a win win for your business and your market?


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