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We live in the cloud: and it’s the business!

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’re always banging on about the latest cloud apps and how great they are for running your business – and why your agency should be all over these apps like a tramp on chips.

Well, we definitely follow our own advice here at My Accountancy Place. We run the practice almost exclusively from the cloud – you won’t find any rooms full of buzzing, old-school servers in our office.

In fact, you could say that we LIVE in the cloud. We’re kinda like Lando Calrissian in ‘Empire Strikes Back’ (only less cool…and a LOT less shifty). And living in our Cloud City had had a massive impact on our view of the need for traditional office space.

Do we really need office space?

We’re not Star Trek-style hyper-intelligent accountancy lifeforms that only exist as a kind of light blue, mental energy. We’re real, human Northerners (give us a prod next time you see us if you don’t believe us) and we occasionally need a physical workspace.

Even the most tech-savvy among us needs a desk occasionally to work from – where else would we keep that secret stash of Mini Cheddars otherwise, eh?

But we’re not TIED to those desks.

That’s the huge benefit of being ‘Cloud Nomads’. We can work from ANYWHERE. And that flexibility is what gives us our edge.,

The flexibility of the being a Cloud Nomad

We may have office space we can call home (until we find our utopian dream HQ, anyway). But running the practice from the cloud gives us the agility and mobility to work wherever we please.

That could be at your agency offices. It could be in the local coffee shop. It could be at home. We could even be completing your VAT return while sat out in the sunshine at the park…if the 4G or wi-fi signal is strong enough.

Being able to work with you at your HQ, or to get down to some serious number-crunching from the local Starbucks has been a game-changer for us.

It means we can meet your accounting and business needs with the minimum of fuss. And being able to crack open the MacBook and show you your key numbers right there, in your office, saves time, makes us more efficient and keeps you on top of your business info.

Find us in the cloud

Until we find the perfect swanky HQ, you know you can always find us in the cloud. It’s cosy up here in the stratosphere and, amazingly, those little cumulus clouds taste like candyfloss – who knew!?

So, if you need to catch us, here’s how:

• Get in touch on our website

• Tweet us on Twitter

• Follow us on Facebook (no holiday pics, we promise)

• Connect on Google+ (please, it’s getting lonely here!)

• Link with us on LinkedIn

And if you really MUST send us exciting pieces of paper (why? It’s 2015, you know!), you can post us stuff by snail mail to:

My Accountancy Place
2 Atherton Street
M3 3GS

So, please do connect with us. Come and join us in the cloud and start understanding how it could change the way you run your creative agency.

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