The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With The Right Advisors

Being an agency owner can be a lonely role at times.

You may have a dedicated team of senior managers and an army of junior employees around you ready to do great work. But they all get to leave work each day without the same stresses as you.

Whether it’s lack of upcoming work, a rapidly reducing sales pipeline, lack of legal protection or even that you’re worried you won’t be able to meet payroll at the end of the month, for you it is and always will be more than just a job.

Surrounding yourself with the right external advisors is a tried and tested way of helping to alleviate some of these worries.

Whether it be business mentors, coaches, lawyers, accountants or even bankers, getting the right people around you really does work.

Here’s why…

#1 They Are The Experts

Just as you might have honed your skills developing websites, or providing marketing consultancy to your clients, they are skilled at their own field of expertise.

A lawyer, for example, is going to know more about regulations than an agency owner 99% of the time. An accountant is going to know more about how to measure and improve profitability and a financial advisor is going to know more about personal wealth planning.

#2 They Are Accountable

As soon as you engage an advisor for a particular service you pass that responsibility to them. It’s off your shoulders. Now it’s their job to ensure that what you’ve asked them to do get’s done. This doesn’t mean you still don’t worry about the issue…of course, you do. But it’s now someone else’s job to help you to solve it!

#3 They Hold YOU Accountable

One of the greatest strengths of any external advisor is their ability to ask the right questions and then hold you accountable for your responses. It’s not always about them doing the work for you, more often than not it’s about getting you to identify the problem, suggest the solution and then it’s the advisors job to ensure that the path to solving that problem is clear and managed.

Having that external soundboard to bring a different perspective can really help to bring out the best in you as the agency owner.

#4 They’ve Done This Before

99% of the time your advisors have encountered other owners with the same problems as yours. Business is business and at the end of the day, most of your problems are seen across many firms in many different industries. They’ve seen the issues dealt with the right way and the wrong way and can steer you in the right direction as a result.

What Next?

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