Navigating Communication Challenges in the Pandemic Era


When we were in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we questioned how we could best keep communication going both with our clients and for our clients. The outcome was the MAP Client WhatsApp group, which as well as offering a direct route for communication and contact over that time, is still used and appreciated by our clients today.

As with any technology, it does have its limitations and so just over a year ago Paul and I sat down to look at how we could improve our client reach.

We decided that we would try a Podcast, many others were doing them and after all how hard could it be? Well, we soon found out!

Research showed us that most Podcasts have a shelf life of just 3 episodes and fall by the wayside. We didn’t want to do that and so we started somewhat under the radar, just in case we couldn’t build the necessary content and momentum. Last week we recorded Episode 13, covering a full 12 months.

None of that would have been possible without the support of some fantastic guests and of course the listeners whose numbers have grown and grown. Over the 13 episodes we have covered many of the issues we see raised from our clients and the agency sector we serve.

We have covered forming and growing an agency, alongside the cultural challenges that brings the owner from building and managing a team, maybe remotely, to deciding whether the business was a lifestyle or a performance business. We covered Exit and have heard from those agency owners that sold their business and those that made a partial exit by accepting equity investment. We couldn’t talk exit or investment without covering DD and the shellshock that this is to so many owners experiencing this for the first time. We also covered the question of wealth creation and management when we looked at Financial Planning.

When we set out on this journey, we wanted to make sure that whenever we had an opinion or a story to tell, then it came from the coal face and theorists, or those that didn’t have the battle scars, wouldn’t be around the table. We know that many of the stories have resonated with agency owners, and we are grateful to those guests who shared their stories and the feedback we have obtained, so we thank everyone who helped us achieve over the 12 months.

If you haven’t joined us in the MAP room yet, then take a listen from wherever you get your podcasts from. You should find us at or search “MAP Room”.

We look forward to the next 12 months.

Stuart Brown