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What Would Yoda Do?

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Picture of Yoda

photo credit: niallkennedy via photopin cc

Traditional business books tell you to treat all customers equally, but that’s not always a good idea.

You see, there are some customers that are many times more profitable than others, some that are much more reluctant to pay on time, and even some that always screw you down on price. (I bet one client immediately jumped to mind just then!)

If you were Yoda, then you’d use your innate powers to ‘feel’ levels of good and evil in your customer base, but unless you can move objects with your mind, then you’re going to need some outside help.

If, like most of our (favourite) clients, you use Xero to manage your client base, you’ll be able to use Xero’s Smart Lists to segment your customers in Good and Evil!

Smart Lists allow you to easily search your customer base and segment them according to certain characteristics.

You can create new bespoke searches that are relevant to you (such as the ability to rank customers by fee, or profitability).

It can even help you to manage your credit control, helping you to easily report on your customers who have taken too long to pay you.

As Keith Lemon says, ‘Roll VT’…

Any searches that you create can be saved for future use, giving you up-to-date lists of your favourite (or least favourite!) customers at the touch of a button.

Smart Lists also allow you to export your search into a CSV (Spreadsheet) format, meaning that you can then edit this how you please, or share with colleagues with ease.

We believe that this simple yet extremely handy feature will further increase the power of your business reporting.

As ever, if you want any help with this, just shout.

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