Is systems the answer for healthy growth?

Paul Barnes interviews Natasha Vorompiova on Systems


Where did it all start?

So I imagine you are like most small business owners, you started really, really small. Just you, your bedroom and your laptop with 100’s of ideas.

Now growth is on your mind. How do you grow your business, juggle 101 jobs AND that never ending to do list that you have? Or maybe you’re scared and holding back from making that next step in your adventure. Who knows. Either way, most small business owners have HUGE dreams and one way or another they WILL achieve them.

Now what?

The problem is, the day to day grind of running a small business is so overwhelming. You have 100’s of questions, you have problems to be solved, 100’s of things on your to do list, new clients to please, existing clients to please, a sink full of dishes, your dog needs walking… You get the picture. You have SO much to do. Where do you even begin to start? It’s overwhelming, and its tough to know what you should be doing NOW to ready your business for a successful and efficient future.

Is systems the answer to all of my problems?

Paul Barnes, Managing Director of My Accountancy Place interviewed Natasha Vorompiova from SystemsRock on Systems and why it is CRITICAL to have systems in place from the very start of setting up your business.

“They don’t have a marketing department, they don’t have a delivery department, an IT department, and a finance department but all of these need to work at the same time and being a small business owner you are responsible of all of these areas. Something is going to give whilst they’re focusing on one area the focus is dropped on the other areas, and having systems in place ensures that everything is moving forward at the same time.” – Paul Barnes

You can watch the full interview below.

PS. if you’re still not satisfied after this interview, you can get in touch with Natasha directly via her website.

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