Streamlined banking at last, with Tide & MAP

Why did we partner with Tide? 


My Accountancy Place has recently decided to take the step into building an official partnership with Tide. Why? It’s alternative, it’s new, it’s us.

Tide is alternative, and they’re all about saving a business owner time. They understand the importance of time as a business owner. They’re not on the high street, and everything is streamlined online. Which is why we partnered with them, My Accountancy Place is about streamlining an Agencies Finance Function so that they can spend their time elsewhere in the business. You didn’t start a business to do more banking, right? Tide is about doing what you love, which is why they have built a modern banking service that gives time back to people who work for themselves. So they can get back to doing what they love.

George Bevis is the guy behind all of this and is making waves in the previously staid world of business banking, offering current accounts, lending and other related financial services primarily to SMEs.


What type of business is Tide best suited for?

In terms of who a Tide account is best suited, it has shown to work best with any small to medium business that requires the basic functions of a bank account in an easy to use interface. 


What type of business isn’t Tide suitable for?

1) companies doing business in foreign currencies

2) Larger businesses requiring many users on the bank account

3) More traditional businesses reliant on cheques, in branch banking…


What benefits do I get signing up through My Accountancy Place?

This isn’t just another fad, and we’re serious about helping agency owners streamline their agency. Using the code MYACCOUNTANCYPLACE gets you 100 free transactions for the first 3 months.


As simple as that! A 5 minute sign up process, 100 free transactions and a modern, streamlined bank.


You can sign up here.


More questions?

Watch Paul’s interview below where he walks you through everything that you need to know to own a Tide account.
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